Reel 2019

2019 has been a great year so far and we look forward to what the rest of the year holds.  

Wedding Highlight Video's

Lauren and Jason were married at Paradise Cove located in Orlando, Florida. Lauren and Jason wrote: "We almost didn’t budget a videographer for our wedding day, but after watching the video that Luke and Taylor made for us… It was the best money we spent on anything. You gave us the memory of our wedding day to have forever. Super professional yet down to earth, fast turnaround time, amazing video. Cannot say enough great things about these two souls. Thank you Thank you thank you!!" 

 Dwaine & Kristina:  "My wife and I had such a wonderful experience working with RadicalAgape Produtions. Their expertise and equipment make them the best in their field however the finished product and the personalities for this type of work makes this company shine. When you put the time and effort into getting married you are nervous about capturing the moment to have as memories to cherish and they did not disappoint. I am delighted to say that we are beyond pleased with our finished video.

Such a beautiful wedding we shot at the Crystal Ballroom in Tampa! Loved every moment and we are still swooning over that BEAUTIFUL venue!

This wedding was one of the most creative and unique we've ever filmed! Props to going bold, having fun, and not taking yourself too seriously!

This is one engagement video you don't want to miss.  

Music Videos

My professor at school gave us an assignment to create a visual/audio presentation over our favorite piece of art.  I then had the inspiration to write a work of art over my favorite piece of art in which is you and me and every person on this earth.  Check out my website for more spoken word videos and be sure to subscribe.   

Lina is beyond talented in so many ways and I was so blessed to be able to capture this story. It had to be the most difficult & challenging project to date, but it was worth every bit of it. This video really speaks on how Jesus will always carry us even when we feel He isn't there. I honestly needed this message myself, and I know God knew that. .  "One set of footprints means that you are with me, through the pain of this life, you'll never leave me behind."

This song is based off my testimony.  Special shout out to Gabbi Dill, Joy Moyer, and Sophia Tsundu for singing backups.  I want to encourage you to like and share this video to your friend and family.  always remember that God loves you, and I love you.  God bless

We had the honor of second shooting and help make this video happen.  Matt Baber was the lead videographer and was the one that hired us to take part as a second shooter in this award winning video.

Short Films

Lost Shadow is about a woman that is lost in the world.  This is based on a true story.  

This short film is based upon worldly judgement and also it shows us just how powerful one's voice is.  Just by stepping out of your state of comfort to greet someone, you can change the atmosphere they are currently feeling.     Main Actors Lillian Jones and Vincent Guglielmo  Cast and Crew Caleb Tincher Saori Fujime Ezekiel Roberts Marjie Jenkins Allan B. Smithy Dave Bordon Tony Witter Thaw So - Boom Operator and Key Grip  Music Credits Luke Riether Artlist